Friday, March 13, 2015

Gemma O’Brien, aka “Mrs. Eaves” is a typographer based out of Sydney, Australia (yes, she does have a killer sexy accent). She is known around the world for her unique typography which has been showcased on build boards, museums, and even spew bags. Her big break was a project she completed in “University” called, “Right Here Right Now” which was spotted by TYPO Berlin. She then started freelancing and caught an even BIGGER break with Canon when her hand lettering was plastered all over build boards. Which she admits makes her cringe when she looks back on it. (We ALL constantly evolve- even the big wigs!).

More recently she has been creating murals and and has began covering museums with her gorgeous typographic illustrations. She is represented by the Jacky Winter Group and her clients include Woolworths, Heinz, Vodafone, Taronga Zoo, The New York Times, Bob Hawke, SBS and Kirin Cider. But most importantly, Volcom, who she is a brand ambassador for.

I personally found out about Gemma O’Brien through instagram where she is followed by 40k others. She stands out from most designers on social media not just because she is constantly posting grams of her stellar work, but she also posts trendy inspirations, competitions, and challenges for her followers to interact with. My personal favorite was the #spewbagchallenge. Every time she flies (which is a lot as an international star designer) she illustrates puns on spew bags, for example “Not that kind of Hurl” and “Fifty Shades of Spray”. They are hilarious. And trendy- the hashtag is growing at 600 posts to date. She also has an evolving spew bag challenge tumblr and has hung the bags in frames at a gallery for all to see!

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